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On the number of starting points for a fixed cutting plan and fixed cutter trajectory
T. A. Makarovskikh

Изменена: 2020-05-29


The considered problem deals with a question on the number of starting points for a fixed cutting plan and fixed cutter trajectory. The cutter trajectory needs to have no cuttings in a part already cut off a sheet. Formalizing this problem we are to define the number of trails with ordered enclosing for the fixed transition system of a graph. The trail of a plane graph is said to have ordered enclosing (being OE-trail) if any its initial part does not enclose edges not belonging to it. There is a transition system corresponding to this trail. The research is devoted to problem of enumeration of OE-trails corresponding to the fixed transition system without intersections (non-intersecting Eulerian trails and A-trails). The criterion of satisfying the transition system to any OE-trail is one more problem considered in this paper. The necessary condition of a transition system corresponding to an OE--trail of 4-regular graph is proved.

Ключевые слова

fixed cutter trajectory; cutting plan; number of starting points


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