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Managing Interactive Business Processes During Software Development
N. O. Nikulina, L. E. Gonchar, O. V. Barmina

Изменена: 2020-05-29


Software development, implementation and maintenance are the set of complex interactive business processes, which are characterized by a high degree of dynamics and frequent occurrence of problem situations. Most problem situations are related with the distribution of different resources and customer satisfaction. Problem situation elimination is achieved through consistent decision-making. In order to improve the quality of software development projects, management scenario is proposed for interactive decision-makers, which is based on ontological methods, models and algorithms analysing and knowledge processing. Interaction scenario supposes that there is a developed and agreed reference subject area model, which includes structural, ontological, dynamic and simulation models. Besides, it is necessary to have the Knowledge Base which contains information about the problem situations in implementation of the business processes, the order of their elimination and final decision-making results. Managing interactive business processes will help with organizing online process-monitoring, eliminating redundantly-obtained information, increasing economic efficiency of decision making using, reference domain model and Knowledge Base. Methodology of complex interactive processes allow developing information systems based on knowledge about the features of the actors involved in the designated subject area.

Ключевые слова

business process modelling; software development; decicion-making; optimization


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