Информационные технологии интеллектуальной поддержки принятия решений, Информационные технологии интеллектуальной поддержки принятия решений 2020

Размер шрифта: 
Method of Reengineering the of Operational Production Planning
A. I. Karimova, V. V. Antonov

Изменена: 2021-06-13


The process of operational planning of production is analyzed. A mnemonic diagram of the existing process and a functional model have been built. The analysis of the process revealed problems: a long search and receipt of initial information, low speed of data processing, increased workload of individual departments. To solve the identified problems, it was proposed: the introduction of an information system; creation of a centralized database; delegation of authority to the calculation task. The main results are expressed in the reduction of the process execution time by 55%.

Ключевые слова

operational production planning; reengineering; detailed plans; information system; database; process; calculation


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